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Moving to a new home or buying a house for investment is usually a challenging task. There is no perfect house, we all have to compromise. But it is important to reduce this compromise to a minimum and make a decision you will be satisfied with in the long run.


Our salespersons use to listen to each customer and try to offer the best product according to his or her own requirements.

Houses starting from $99.000

Projects for Investors

Developing a real estate project might be challenging. It is important to understand the current and future market trends in house sales. Beautiful, but also practical projects have always been successful.


All our projects, both the small ones and the big residential areas, have been designed with all the needed details in order to become the homes people were looking for.

Design projects from $1.000


Real estate investments are low-risk, but not all of them are also wise. You have to understand what a great location is related to a certain area and also what expectations your potential customers have.


With an experience of almost 20 years, we are able to provide all the needed information a new investor would need, for the area we work in (North of Bucharest). 

From $300

Why Should You Work with Us

Although there are other big residential complexes in our area, most of the houses built here have been in our offices, too. We have well-served individuals who have found a home, developers that needed projects, teams, or consulting, and investors that have settled new projects here.

During these years, we have met around 30,000 people and more than 25% have become our customers and they continue to recommend us to whoever needs a piece of advice regarding real estate in North Bucharest.

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